Sales Reoprting RPA

Robotic Process Automation

Client Background

The customer is one of the most significant American travel, and hospitality conglomerates focused on packaged travel and resort/brand management in Mexico, the Caribbean, Hispanic America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Business Process Name

Sales Reporting


Business Challenges

Monthly sales report to 2000+ travel agents with all the transactions and in-depth details: process timeline 15 to 20 days and dependency to send emails. Multiple master files are accessed, and the reports are generated manually, causing multiple errors.  

Process Description

The sales reporting department manually sends emails to all travel agents. The team members access two master files, one containing all the travel agent emails and the other with transaction details. The team member accesses the travel agent report file, selects the relevant transaction details, captures a screenshot of the details and then emails the travel agent.  



A Bot solution where the raw data received is filtered and converted into a standard file format, performs data validation and data massaging using complex business rules, generating a standard output file capable of sending emails from the contact list. The solution had to run on a predefined schedule without any intervention with basic execution details and procedures to execute the BOT if needed manually.

Tool used:

Microsoft Power Platform comprising of Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate

Microsoft Power Platform was the preferred choice as it’s a service that helps automate business processes between apps, synchronize files, get notifications, collate data, and more. 


  • No manual intervention required
  • Advanced error handling and tracking
  • Automated email scheduling
  • Advanced filtering
  • Predefined rules and logic
  • Integrated to multiple systems

Business Impact

Here’s how the customized solution helped 

  • Accelerated task management and completion by 80%
  • Cut back on labour costs by 40%
  • Reduced errors in processing by 80%
  • Improved customer experience by 80% through quick turnaround time 
  • Increase scalability of workflows

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