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There are immense possibilities and opportunities in the tremendous amount of data that gets generated through Enterprise Applications, Various interactions on social media, beacons, IoT devices, smartphones, web clickstream, and hundreds of other sources. In order to use all this data to their advantage, businesses must take action in real-time. Infarsight helps businesses such as yours to stay a step ahead of disruption with a non-traditional approach to data analytics

We make use of technologies such as artificial intelligence, real-time data ingestion, cognitive computing, predictive analytics solutions and natural language processing to reinvent the way businesses utilize data to get actionable insights.


New age digital enterprises are becoming more and more data driven, Data is considered as the key Asset for the decision-making process. Hence governing, managing, analysing and presenting the data across enterprise is becoming priority. We at infarsight are willing to partner you on you journey to become data driven enterprise through our below offerings.

Data Governance

Organization Data as key Asset need to be managed and governed by the data driven organizations. We help to define policies and procedures for compliance, managing & maintaining data keeping in mind Variety, Volume and Velocity of data. Also ensure Scalable, Secure, standardised and best Quality of data.

Creating roles, policies, and measurements to ensure that a company’s data is utilized effectively acts as the single source of truth in the decision-making process. Data governance, as a broad practice of organizing and enforcing data regulations, primarily concerns on how, where, why, by whom, and under what conditions data assets and processes are gathered and preserved. It is founded on a business’s existing frameworks for decision rights, accountability, internal data standards, and external data policies.
Without an effective data governance programme, an organization may have unresolved data problems and inconsistencies in its system, which might seriously hamper business operations. This would negatively impact business intelligence (BI), reporting, the accuracy of analytics, and other vital processes, such as data security.

Following are the benefits of our services:

Data Quality & Integration

In absence of data governance practice, We understand the importance of standardised and quality data in business decision making. It is important to build single source of truth for the organizational data.

There are challenges like organizations keep their data in varied application, data is not standardised across these applications. Then there are new data sources like web sites, social media, devices etc.  This data can be structured, semi structured, non-structured and hence it needs special treatment to prepare this data for decision making. Due to mergers and acquisitions companies also acquire lots of data and new applications It involves data mapping across different business applications. Build data warehouse and analytical data model. Prepare the data. The data preparation involves data quality improvement, data enrichment by eliminating redundancy, data transformation and standardization.

We firmly believe in Data that is integrated reveals more.

Following are the benefits of our services:

BI & Reporting

Data once collected need to be prepared and presented to the stake holders for exploring and analysing it to make informed business decisions. At infarsight we typically enable businesses by providing powerful analytical tools, it involves Performance analysis like Periodic Growth, Planned vs. Actual, Trend Analysis, What if Analysis, Competitive analysis, Top N and so on. 

There are multiple data visualisation techniques like KPIs, Interactive Dashboards, Interactive Charts, Graphs, Maps, What if Analysis, Story building, Paginated reports, Drill down/across reports. Based on who the consumer is we have a strategy to distribute this data. Access to data can be restricted based on the consumer of the data. The BI platform enables business  to easily Collaborate, Distribute their findings and perform Guided Analysis, Self Service Analysis, Near real time Analysis, Embedded BI, Device Agnostic BI.

Following are the benefits of our services:

Data Science

Data science services help companies run experiments on their data in search of business insights. Infarsight renders data science consulting leveraging Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning technologies to meet our clients’ most deliberate analytics needs

Following are the benefits of our services:

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