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How does Optimizely work?

Today the mobile platform is enabling tactical decision making in real time irrespective of location or time zone, enabling buy or purchase decisions on the go, enterprises today can afford to ignore the power of mobile at their own peril.

Infarsight’s enterprise mobility services enhance customer experiences across all touchpoints. Our mobility services integrate with business processes to deliver engaging, easy-to-use mobile solutions. Our designs are device and technology independent, so the users can stay connected on any device. We enable our clients to fuel innovation of digital transformation imperatives like IoT, big data analytics, and augmented intelligence using enterprise mobility as a macro force.

The best part is that businesses that use Optimizely have an average ROI increase of 297%. The hype is justified, as we already stated.

What Does Optimizely Include?

Optimizely is a collection of solutions. You may choose from any of the following offerings when implementing Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP), or you can go full-stack and implement them all.

Optimizely Content Cloud

Today the mobile platform is enabling tactical decision making in real time irrespective of location or time zone, enabling buy or purchase decisions on the go, enterprises today can afford to ignore the power of mobile at their own peril.

Intuitive editing interface:

With the help of the componentized content architecture used by Optimizely Content Cloud, your editors can quickly and at scale generate, combine, and reuse content that promotes conversions and transactions.

A/B testing:

With integrated A/B testing, your team can determine something's effectiveness immediately and take swift action to improve content along the buyer journey – all with the touch of a button.

Easy media management:

Industry-grade governance and controls make it easy to maintain brand consistency. Across your channels and organization, you may add and arrange photographs, make revisions, and apply approval protocols.

Project collaboration:

Put your pricey project management software to rest. Your team can manage project pipelines from within the platform using Optimizely Content Cloud, make comments, and share them for approval and review from outside sources.

Optimizely Commerce Cloud

This complete e-commerce platform offers a single integrated solution with everything from the basket to the content.

AI-driven personalization:

The Optimizely Content Cloud is powered by AI. By giving clients specific product suggestions and putting experience management on auto-pilot, you can save up time while increasing AOVs.

Powerfully simple content management:

Your editors may quickly develop complex shopping experiences for your consumers thanks to a simple WYSIWYG interface.

Search that sells:

Customers may quickly locate the exact goods they're seeking owing to built-in search capabilities and faceted navigation, as well as perhaps a few more thanks to additional product suggestions produced by AI.

Actionable A/B testing:

Find the content converting well and hurry to increase sales. Your team gets shown the best content and offers through Optimizely's A/B testing; all they have to do is click "yes" to make the changes official.

Promotions Engine:

Increase conversions with targeted marketing and unique offers. With the help of Optimizely Commerce Cloud, you can run site-wide sales or target particular visitor groups depending on their online activity.

Tailor-made checkout:

Completely alter your cart, including possibilities for up- and cross-selling, and encourage customers to click the Checkout Now button.

Multi-site management:

With Optimizely Commerce Cloud, launching minisites, entering new markets, or managing several brands is simple. To start immediately, use pre-existing templates, import your product data, and connect third-party services.

Intelligence Cloud

Finally, a customized experience solution gathers client information and behaviour from your platforms and applies that knowledge to real-time, AI-powered personalizations and site improvements. The Optimizely Intelligence Cloud is constantly working to keep your metrics moving in the right direction, from content to commerce, on every channel and at any time.

Personalized content recommendations:

Utilizing customer information, Optimizely Intelligence Cloud develops personalized content experiences for users on your website, mobile app, advertising, email, and other channels. All you need to do with machine learning is set up a few rules; the engine will take care of the rest, optimizing for engagement and conversions—personalization at its best, without the ongoing planning and setting up required by the alternative alternatives.

Personalized product recommendations:

Increase sales and transactions by showing customers the most relevant goods based on real-time intent data and innovative machine learning.

Ahead-of-the-curve Analytics:

In order to create the content and commerce experiences your consumers desire, even before they are aware of it, Optimizely Content Intelligence provides you with real-time analytics, content audits, and insights.

Adobe Experience Manager

Stronger brand-customer relationships can be achieved by effectively utilising digital content sources such as documents, photos, infographics, videos, and apps.

AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) is helpful in situations like this. Ready? Let’s get going!

But providing users with pertinent and tailored content across all stages and channels calls for decisive and comprehensive digital solutions.

Adobe Experience Manager: What is it?

AEC (Adobe Experience Cloud) provides the content management system AEM. This platform offers simple and dynamic digital asset management with document management solutions, social interaction options, and community connection portals.
Creative teams can effortlessly streamline their current work processes by using AEM as a central workspace. It also helps teams collaborate effectively across geographical boundaries and provide engaging media to users via various channels. AEM’s main advantage is that it simplifies content management and distribution on websites.

AEM Modules and Functionalities

Let’s quickly review each of these modules and their features.


You can create and manage responsive websites using AEM Sites from a single platform. Additionally, you can run numerous websites in various languages from one location. Additionally, it gives you the means to launch marketing campaigns from a single spot and improve your eCommerce platform

Asset Administration

To develop effective processes and deliver consistent content experiences, AEM enables you to generate unique variations of your assets linked with Creative Cloud. You can create workflows for creating assets, manage your assets from the cloud, and automatically tag and metadata each asset.


You can communicate with your clients using Adobe Communities' centralised platform. To help you engage and turn visitors into active community members, it provides various features, including social login, tagging, inline translation, notifications, and insights. Additionally, you can tailor your community to reflect your company's personality and maximise engagements with content recommendations


Create simple-to-use forms with Adobe Forms to enable your users to receive personalised experiences based on their location and device. This makes filling out forms more enjoyable. It is possible to develop automated workflows that combine data with the current system. Additionally, Adobe Analytics gives you insights to record user experience and assess the success of targeted advertising initiatives.

Portable AEM

Mobile leverages a mono-code basis to design apps that can serve several platforms. It contains built-in Adobe Analytics that quickly evaluates the app's performance. You can also review stats from a single dashboard and modify the content.

Marketing Automation

What is marketing automation?

By automating the process of bringing leads to sales readiness, marketing automation aids in the identification of potential clients. It automates processes that move potential customers closer to the point where the sales team can approach them directly to close a deal and establish a long-term relationship. The data it collects can also influence the marketing strategies you choose to employ.
Marketing automation achieves this by radically increasing your sales funnel’s effectiveness, employing various strategies to convert a large pool of leads into satisfied clients quickly.

What advantages does marketing automation offer your company?

When we consider the typical issues organisations encounter, we know that generating leads and maintaining client engagement are top priorities. Businesses struggle to exploit the massive amounts of data generated in addition to these objectives. By putting data to work and optimising our procedures, marketing automation software can assist in overcoming these difficulties.

Most companies view marketing automation as a tool for the middle of the funnel, perfect for nurturing prospects with pre-written email sequences. Additionally, even if email marketing is an excellent application of marketing automation. Furthermore, even if email marketing is a great example of a marketing automation tool, this tactic could result in prospects and customers having a disjointed experience as they move from marketing to sales to customer service.
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