Advanced IOT Platform

Powering Connected Mobility Solutions with Condense

Seamless Kafka Management

Seamlessly manage Kafka & other platform elements in a mobility environment.

Cloud Expense Optimization

Optimize the cloud infra expenses by 50% and sometimes even more.

Consumption based Pricing

Pay for what you use. Switch to Industry First, Consumptionbased pricing model.

Custom Data Transforms

Choose from 1000+ data transforms available, or write your own, all in a few clicks.

Faster GTM

Find unique products GTM through Cloud Marketplace, enhancing ROI.

Complete Data Control

Have complete control over your data. Deploy Condense on your cloud subscription.

Condense is a no-code, click-to-deploy product on customers’ infrastructure, built and managed by a tech-savvy team of mobility domain expertise, thus letting the OEMs/Enterprises reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Enabling enterprises to customize Ground Transportation Solutions via secure real-time data access for enhanced operational efficiency and customer experiences, powered by Condense.

Every business has different use cases, and so are their real-time data requirements, depending on their specific solutions. Infarsight’s platform-based solutions, powered by Condense and Condense Edge, let enterprises tailor their IoT solutions (fleet management, automated routing, geofencing, etc.) by creating and interpreting specific events

Data Privacy

To prevent unconsented data sharing with third-party apps via cloud marketplace model

Data Validation

For validating data packets in real-time before accepting them to process further

Protocol Support

To seamlessly support data protocols efficiently, be it TCP/IP, MQTT, HTTP, or any other format

Low Code Integration

For parsing real-time data from an array of 1000+ IoT device protocol

C2D Communication

To ensure configuration and Over-the-Air updates of the edge devices in real time in a few click

Device Management

To seamlessly provision & manage the lifecycle of all the edge device

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