Product build RPA

Workflow Automation

Client Background

One of the most significant American travel and hospitality conglomerates focused on packaged travel and resort/brand management in Mexico, the Caribbean, Hispanic America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Business Process Name

Product build

Business Challenges

Reviewing hotel contracts and updating an excel template with the necessary information with complex calculations. The information from the excel document is reviewed, and the information is then updated into the customer legacy system. Time of 2 to 3 days for each hotel contract to be updated in the application with a manual process. The opportunity for error was very high, and the client incurred substantial monetary losses.

Process Description

The product build team members are allocated hotel contracts which run complex calculations and update an excel template further reallocated to another team member who reviews the contract again and validates the information. After this, the member updates the client’s legacy system, runs a quality check and then puts the hotel up for sale.

During this procedure, the team member accesses multiple systems, reviews the information multiple times, manually enters the data in the template and the legacy system, and communicates with internal and external sources for queries.    





A standardized template was created with validations and business logic to ensure better accuracy and converted to Power App with complex workflow routings, automated ingestion, and assignments. A BOT was developed to utilize the standard template and upload the information to the legacy system. A complex set of rules was created to validate the information, upload the data, and check the necessary information. A separate BOT application was developed to keep track of the BOT performance and any issues.

Tool used:

Microsoft Power Platform comprising of Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop

Microsoft Power Platform was the preferred choice as it’s a service that helps automate business processes between apps, synchronize files, get notifications, collate data, and more. 


  • Standardized ingestion template with robust validations
  • Automated validation of data via a predefined set of rules
  • Automated loading of data in the client legacy system
  • Advanced error handling and tracking
  • Advanced filtering
  • Integrated to multiple systems

Business Impact

Here’s how the customized solution helped 

  • Accelerated task management and completion by 80%
  • Cut back on labour costs by 50%
  • Reduced errors in processing by 80%
  • Improved customer experience by 80% through quick turnaround time 
  • Increase scalability of workflows 


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